Extension Mobility – Remotely Login User to Phone

When EM is enabled on the phone, the Owner ID of the phone is greyed out. The EM profile will need to be logged out from the device, then uncheck the enable EM, then set the owner ID. CUCM Admin > Device > Phone

There are four ways to remotely login/logout EM profile

  • via direct URL


  • via sampleloginapp.jsp


  • via XML Post


  • via XML Post and Powershell script. Create an application user and assign Standard EM Authentication Proxy Rights


$uri = "http://CUCM_PUB:8080/emservice/EMServiceServlet"

$parameters = "xml="
$parameters += ""+$appUser+""+$appPw+""
#$parameters += ""+$device+""
$parameters += ""+$device+""+$udp+""
$parameters += ""
$r = [System.Net.WebRequest]::Create($uri)
$r.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
$r.Method = "POST";
$query = $r.GetRequestStream();
$encoding = [system.text.encoding]::GetEncoding("ASCII")
$resp = $r.GetResponse()
$reqstream = $resp.GetResponseStream()
$sr = new-object System.IO.StreamReader $reqstream
$result = $sr.ReadToEnd()
write-host $result

4 thoughts on “Extension Mobility – Remotely Login User to Phone

  1. randle 2016-12-29 / 07:05

    Awesome! how would you log out of the device or log out all devices for a user with the direct url method? thanks!


  2. Henk 2018-03-23 / 00:57

    there is also a tool which can do this for every user ALM from RSconnect


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